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Featured Product - Fred Gleeck's "Maximizing Seminar Profits NEW
Featured Product - Fred Gleeck's "Self Publishing for Maximum Profit" NEW
      The types of Rights we offer! 


Resale Rights  
    -Resale Rights are the most basic form of a Licensing available.

-With a Resale License you receive to right to market and sell the product. You have purchased rights for. You do not have the right to duplicate the product.

-Once you have purchase our resale rights for any product, you will pay the owner of the product a percentage of that products retail value every time you sell a copy of that product. And then the owner of that product will ship the product to your customer for you.

-As an example, if you purchase resale rights to a tape set that we are brokering for Fred Gleeck, that retails for $297.00 and it happens to be an 80% resale license then you would sell the product for $297 to your customer. You would then send Fred $ 60 to ship the product to your customer for you. This would leave you $237 profit. 

We will always rate a resale percentage on the few resale licenses we offer.



Reprint Rights
    -Reprint Rights are a big step up from the rights mentioned above.

-With a Reprint License you receive the right to not only market and sell the product you have purchased rights for, but you can also duplicate the product yourself or have one of our fulfillment centers do the duplication for you and the drop ship the product to your customer.

While these rights are more expensive than resale rights, you will get to keep 100% of the selling price for the product. You will never have to pay anything to the products owner again. With Reprint Rights your sales can in a short amount of time pay for your initial investment, and you can continue to profit from the product for years to come almost as if you had created it yourself!


Master Rights
    -Master Reprint Rights This is the most rewarding rights license available. With your purchase of  master rights, you receive a license that allows you to sell reprint rights to others.
-These extra rights will come at a premium price. It is very common to pay 4 to 5 times more for the master rights than you will for reprint rights.
-As an example, If you have an audio tape seminar that sells for $ 297, it  will cost you about $650 to purchase resale rights.  This will give you the right to sell that product for $ 197, you will send $ 60 have it drop shipped to your customer for you leaving you $ 237 profit. 

-Reprint Rights may be $2995 and would allow you the rights to sell and duplicate the product  yourself and keep 100% of the money. You may still choose to have a fufillment center duplicate and drop ship the product for you. 

-Master Rights will probably cost between $9,000 to $14,000 so you would be licensed to sell reprint rights at $2,995 each in addition to selling the product at its $ 287 retail price as well!
As you can see with this ultimate Master Reprint Rights option the profit potential is phenomenal! 

If you can afford the extra investment required, to purchase Master Reprint Rights its well worth it. 



Q: Who's behind
A: was started in 2003 by Jeremy Burns & Fred Gleeck, after discussing how hard it can be to find any good quality reprint rights on the internet today. 

Q: How does make its money?
A: charges the product author a brokers fee for any products we sell for them. See our fees schedual here.

Q: What about all these e-book reprint rights I see all over the net?
A: While e-books can be a great way to sell a product, and can also contain a lot of valuable information, most are not worth wasting your time or money licensing. Once in a while you will find a high quality e-book that has not been sold to death and rights can be a great value. However, we recommend you stay away from the cheap rights packages that already have 80,000 people selling them. It's a waste of your time, your money, and your bandwidth!

Q: What about some of the great "classic" products by "big" marketers?   I see these selling everywhere, so they be good for me to sell also right?
A: Wrong...  some people can make a "few" bucks on these old products that seem to be everywhere. But in our opinion a lot of these "tried & true" products are really nothing more than "tired and guaranteed to leave you blue", if you join the other 80,000 people that have spent a lot of $$ to license these old worn out products! 

At we personally review every product we list on our site. If its not good, it does not get sold here! We look out for our buyers best interests. Reprint rights are not worth much to anyone if they are "over sold, or sold when there old".... We go with the "know when to say when",  motto. Old rights are bad for buyers since their content usually does not work anymore. They're bad for the reseller because you end up spending a bunch of money on rights you can't sell, and there bad for the product creator,  a reputation takes years to build but not long at all to ruin!

Q: Why do I see two products that retail for the same price, but the rights for one may cost hundreds, or even thousands more than the other?
A: It all boils down to the old "market and demand" issue. It's a fact that all products are not created equal. While we only sell the highest quality reprint rights at, some products will be better sellers than others. This is a prime example of "you get what you pay for". 

Q: Can I sell reprint rights for my product at
A: That's a big Absolutely! We get our great selection from people just like you. However, we must warn you, we are very picky about the rights we will represent. All the rights you see for sale at have been submitted using our online submission form. Once pre-approved you will need to submit a copy of your product by download if it is a digital product, or by certified U.S. mail if it is a hard product. Once our staff reviews your product you will be notified within 10 days of its receipt if your product has been approved. 

This process assures only brokers the highest quality reprint rights available on the internet today!

Q: Who takes my money? And how can I buy rights today?
You can purchase reprint rights through our secure shopping cart server. We take your credit card information and transfer it on to the reprint rights owners credit card processing system. Keeping this in mind your credit card statement will show a charge from the person selling you the rights. We are just a broker, putting a buyer and a seller together. You can also mail a certified check to us for the purchase of your rights as well.

    So what are you waiting for?  License a product today!
Featured Product - Fred Gleeck's "Maximizing Seminar Profits NEW



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