Here's a System to Help You Start and Build aTurbo-Charged Consulting Business . . .

"How to Develop an Auto-Pilot Marketing System That Will Have Qualified Clients Lined Up to Give You Their Business and Cash"

(Learn a tested system that will have clients lining up and coming to you . . . .
regardless of the field you're in)

Dear Friend,

If you'd like to learn how to make a ton of money in the consulting business without making a single cold call - WELCOME.

You've come to the right place!

How would you like to make really serious money as a consultant. Now YOU CAN!
Quickly and easily!

For the last 15 years I have used this system to generate me a ton of consulting business. You can too!

I've perfected a system that anyone can use to make a boatload of money in your own consulting business. This system will work for those just starting out and those who are veterans.


5 Steps to Consulting "Mega-Success"

There are 5 vital steps to "super" success in the consulting business. You must understand these if you’re going to truly succeed.

Here they are:

Step #1: Pick a Market Niche.

The days of the "generalist" are gone. You need to pick a niche and specialize. That doesn't mean that you can't have multiple niches. I certainly do! But, within each niche, you need to be perceived as the expert.

How do you pick your niche?

Start with those areas that you already know a lot about. Just because you're a lawyer and hate practicing law, it doesn't mean you can't suck a lot of money out of the pockets of other lawyers.

If you've been in a field you probably know a lot about it. Why not start with that niche? If not, pick a niche that you have a strong interest or curiosity about.

Step #2: Create a Line of Products and Services.

As a consultant you need to understand the new paradigm of the 21st century. You are no longer a consultant. You are now an INFORMATION MARKETER.

This means that you now sell your brain-power in a variety of different forms.
You not only do face to face, one-on-one consulting work with clients. You also now create information products in your particular field of knowledge and expertise.

You create reports, books, seminars, ebooks, videos, audios, Cdroms and the like. All of these are just different methods of delivering your knowledge and expertise to your targeted niche.

Step #3: Generate Highly Qualified Leads.

Anyone who tells you to make cold calls as a consultant needs their head examined. Not only is this demeaning, it is highly ineffective. Don't do it!

You need a system that will identify a group of people who MIGHT be interested in doing business with you. In this way, you've now separated the cold from the warm prospects.

You then need to create what I call a "funnel system." This is a means by which you get people into your database by offering them some very inexpensive (virtually no risk) items.

After you gain their trust with your

Step #4: Get Prospects into Your Funnel.

Some consultants go after clients directly. I prefer the indirect approach. I like to make it so that clients come to me. This system makes that happen.

Start off by getting people into your "funnel" by convincing them to buy a lower priced product that you offer. This low priced product can be a variety of different things, I tend to use a one cassette audio or a short "special" report.

Step #5: Trade Them Up to High End Consulting.

Now that you have them in your funnel you'll want to trade them up to higher and higher priced products and services.

This system has worked flawlessly for me. Over the last 4 years I have NEVER solicited a consulting assignment, they have all come to me.


Don't be Fooled by Cheap Imitations

There are a lot of materials on the market that purport to tell you how to start and build a successful consulting business. How do I know? I've bought and read all the stuff that's out there.

When I first got into the consulting business I bought 70 books on the subject. I read them all. I went to every seminar I could find. Result? Nothing.

As a result of this frustration I created my own system. One that really works. And, it will work for you as well. I know because I have taught this system to thousands of people with phenomenal results.

Much of the other material I've seen on the topic of consulting is a lot of theory and very little meat and substance.

Not true with my system. I reveal for you the exact system that I've used to generate millions of dollars for myself and my clients over the last 15 years.

Nothing is left to chance.

This is unfortunately NOT true of some of my competitors. Just check out their guarantees to see how "confident" they are!


You're No Longer a "Consultant", You're now a . . .

The term consultant is outdated. I now prefer to call myself an "information marketer." I suggest you think of yourself that way as well.

As an information marketer I sell my knowledge and expertise in a variety of different forms. One way is face to face with a client. But that is just ONE of the ways.

If all you have to sell is your consulting services face to face - you're in trouble. I now make over 50% of my money without having to be face to face with a client.

Heck, the way I have this system set up I'm even making money in my sleep. Follow my system as I describe it and you'll be able to do EXACTLY THE SAME THING.

Last week I took a vacation and made close to $4,000. You can do the same.


Use this System to Create A Consulting Empire

In this comprehensive system, I'll lay out everything you need to know to make big money as a consultant.

You see, the consulting business is a simple business but it's not an easy business. Follow my system as I detail it and you'll do extremely well. Follow another approach and you're on your own.

Please don't go out there and try to start and build your consulting business without getting this valuable information. If you don't use this system you're apt to lose a lot of money you didn't have to.

My system has been tried and tested in the real world over a 15 year period. It works.
I've made the mistakes you won't have to. But you need to not only get, but USE my system.


Understanding the Funnel System

The basis of my system revolves around the following concept. No consulting work (that you would ever want to work on) ever comes as a result of cold calling or cajoling your prospects.

The general concept is this.

Select a niche within your field of expertise. Develop a series of products at various price points starting from $10 and going through just under $1,000.

Create a system for people to "enter" your system by purchasing one of these products (at any level). After their initial purchase, trade them up. Convince them to buy more expensive products. After you have traded them up as far as you can, let them come to you for consulting work.

Anyone who has bought a number of your informational products has gotten a feel for you, your knowledge base and your expertise.

Those customers who then inquire about your consulting services are highly qualified prospects.

In addition to this fact, you are making money while prospecting for consuliting clients. NO other consulting system that I know of uses a system like mine. Instead of prospecting being a cost center, in my system, it now becomes a profit center.

Basically, you are getting paid for your prospecting. Is this true for you now? I doubt it.

Here's What You'll Learn in this Comprehensive System:

  • Using your website to automatically sift through leads and give you just those that are qualified
  • One things you must never do when writing your proposal for a clients
  • A tested system that you can use to write your book with a minimum of effort
  • 5 indispensible tips to using tradeshows to maximizing your consulting opportunities
  • Seminars: the only way you can get people to pay to be consulting prospects
  • 3 vital steps to targeting a niche or niches to maximize your chances for mega-sucess
  • How to properly using proposals to
  • Using speaking engagements to effectively market yourself and your consulting services
  • Contracts: how to design and use them as a sales tool for your consulting business
  • 2 things you must include in every article you write in trade publications to maximize your chances for sucess
  • The only correct way to use seminars to more effectively market your consulting business
  • Pricing your consulting services correctly: a mistake that over 95% of consultants make
  • Developing your objectives
  • How to have your customers enter their own names onto your database and also maintain that database
  • Investing in Yourself
  • Why you must understand the concept of R.O.M.D. (return on marketing dollars) if you are going to spend your own marketing dollars correctly
  • Setting up your office
  • How to package your knowledge and expertise in many ways other than "face-to-face" consulting to generate revenue
  • Annointing yourself king in the market: your secret to creating your aura in a niche
  • Creating a publication to make yourself look like one of the most knowledge
  • Designing your Promotional Material to produce the highest probability of landing consulting assignments
  • 4 steps to generating powerful testimonials that are more effective than any other promotional material that you have or use
  • Effectively using publicity to get your name out into the media and make your prospecting job easier
  • Using continuing education classes to generate a flood of consulting business
  • Tips to formaing your own association to create a "de facto" legitimacy to your efforts in a market niche
  • A comprehensive system for charging for your services
  • The secret to using classfied ads to build your database and a highly qualified group of prospects
  • Turning personal contacts into consulting assignments: three simple steps to make this happen
  • How to get a guaranteed income of $4,000 - $6,000 a month from retainer clients
  • A simple system to show you how to write a book in less than 90 days
  • 4 simple steps to developing repeat business
  • Maximizing the effectiveness of "conference calls" as a prospecting tool for your consulting business
  • Creating and using strategic relationships with vendors and other consultants to maximize your total income
  • The only 2 instances where it is appropriate to discount your consulting fees and how to do it so it doesn't damage your credibility
  • Why a "100% money back guarantee" clause in your consulting business will NEVER hurt you in the long run

(All this and much, much, more!)

Wow - That Sounds Like a TON of Information!

If this sounds like a lot of information because IT IS!

I have not left one single thing out that I think will help you succeed. I have done a complete BRAIN DUMP that you can use to catapult your consulting business into the stratosphere.


There Is a Lot of MISinformation Out There!

There is a LOT of misinformation out there in the self storage business. And, a lot of information that is incredibly out of date.

I sat in on a seminar given by one of the "so-called" experts in the self storage industry a few years back and then again about a year ago. The presentation hadn't been changed. I guess that this means that nothing had changed in the storage industry over that 3 year period.


This is absurd! There has been so much change in the industry that it's scary. How can anyone get up in front of people and in good conscience do this?

Don't be fooled by these people.

Ask anyone you deal with in the industry if they have a 100% money back guarantee. If they don't . . . RUN the other way.

What Others Have to Say about Me and My System:

(These are just a few of the many DOCUMENTED comments we've received)

"After attending one of your seminars several years ago, I created a "Gleeck File" which contains the notes from the seminar and the excellent written materials you provided. In all honesty, I refer to that file more frequently than any other. The Gleeck File alone contains everything . . . For me, it has been a life saver."

Lane Bowes, President, LawSpeak, New York, NY


"This system is a blueprint and business plan for successfully marketing any product or service."

Ann Hunt, President, Hunt & Company, New York, NY


"I found your seminar to be inspirational - you have given me concrete, specific information - things that I can actually do. Thank you."

Wendy Weiss, Author, Cold Calling for Women, New York, NY

"I’ve been to other Fred Gleeck seminars but this one really hit home. This was one day well. spent. I can now turn an idea into a marketable product without wasting time and money on useless marketing."

Joanne Black, Medical Marketing Consultant
Author - 101 Ways to Market your Home Based Billing Business, Stor-USA, Heathrow, FL

"On a scale of 1 - 10 your seminar was definitely a 10! Fred’s semianr . . . . is something any entrepreneur should attend who’s serious about self-fulfillment and financial achievement. It’s filled with meaty information you can apply immediately upon returning to the office - information that will have a very positive affect on your net profits."

Mark Wille


"The seminar was excellently prepared, with a wealth of information to direct the novice and professional . . . The course laid the pathway, and all one has to do is follow the guidelines for success both emotionally and financially."

Michael Collins


"Practical, thought provoking, inspiring and effective. I’d reccomend it to anyone.

Don Alexander


"Fred’s . . . seminar generates, motivates and activates one’s excitement to just go out and do it. Take each part of the . . . . process and be challenged by it, not afraid of it."

Sora Vernikoff,
Author of Eat What you Wantt! Stop When you Want!


"I give him a 10. Fred Gleeck is Fantastic. Super! Outstanding! He tells you what to do, how to do it, and he sets you in motiion for success. A day with Fred Gleeck is a day on the road to success."

Dr. Ellen Ettinger


"Fred has a wealth of information and delivers it with clarity and humor; thus making the day not only interesting, but fun. A definite 10!"

Michelle Findley

"I rate seminars according to their return on investment. Any time I’ve invested in any of Fred’s seminars it has resulted in a tremendous return. You cannot afford not to take Fred’s courses."

Catherine Wilson

"Your understanding that niche marketing increases profit and how to execute that fact is very impressive . . . simple and profound. Your willingness to sacrifice ego for marketing intelligence is perhaps your greatest strength."

John Jones, Fusion International, Las Vegas, NV

"All of this information was very good. This information at this time is almost like a message from above . . . It was so power packed with good stuff that I cannot believe I am getting this gift right when I needed it. Thank you. I am just awestruck by the fact that all of this information has been so timely for me."

Benita Beckles


"You must buy Fred's book. Your investment will be repaid times 100 in the very first month!"

Nate Booth


"Fred Gleeck's products are a road to success in business and in life. I'm glad that I get to learn from the best."

Daniel Ng, News Jersey


Who Am I?

My name is Fred Gleeck. I've been a consultant for over 15 years. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I kept getting fired from every major corporation I worked for.

I wrote a book back in 1985 called "The Consultant's Manual." I am now working on a new book that will be out shortly on marketing your consulting business.

Other people may want to sell you information about how to do consulting, but few, if any, have had the amount of experience that I've had in the trenches.

I've helped over 3,591 people start their own consulting businesses.

I believe that I am ideally suited to showing you exactly how to run your own, highly profitable consulting business..


Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

This is absolutely, positively the best information out there that you can find on the topic of generating consulting business. I know because I've read all the other books and been to everyone else's seminars.

All of them have their unique elements.

None of them puts it together into an easy to follow system that leaves nothing to chance. I can't do it for you, but I've come as close as I can.

Follow my system and you WILL be successful as a consultant. It's not a question of if . . . it's a question of WHEN you'll succeed if you use my system.

But don't take my word for it. Try the system out. Give it a test drive for yourself. If you're not delighted with the results you get, I DEMAND you request a refund.

Is this a 30 day guarantee? A 60 day guarantee? Nope.

At any point, for the rest of my life, if you aren't 1000% delighted with the material, pack it up and send it all back.

I wouldn't want you to keep the system if you didn't feel that it was worth at least 10X what you paid for it.


And as If That's Not Enough:

You'll also receive 4 FREE BONUSES worth over $975:

Bonus #1: 30 minutes of my consulting time over the phone. This is a very valuable bonus. I normally charge clients a minimum of $375 an hour for my time. It will give you a chance to get your specific questions answered about consulting. You can use this consulting time either before or after you study the system. Some people like to use their time right away. Others like to got through the materials first. This is your choice. (Value: $187.50)

Bonus #2: A free "e-copy" of my book: "Selling Products from the Platform". This book will give you my time tested system to maximize your own product sales. It has been applauded by virtually all of the top speaking gurus (Brian Tracy, Jim Cathcart, Bill Brooks, etc.) in the country. This bonus will be invaluable to you. It sells all day long on for $99. (Value: $99)

Bonus #3: 50% off admission to any of my seminars/bootcamps throughout the year. During the year I hold a number of valuable seminars and bootcamps in a variety of fields. The seminars range in price from around $300 to over $2,000. This is a one time discount on any event I hold for the next 2 years. (Value: $500 maximum)


Bonus #4: 1 Critique Coupon. You can submit any one piece of promotional literature for my review. I normally charge clients a minimum of $150 for this service. You get this evaluation free if you purchase the system that I've described. This is an invaluable "second opinion" on any piece of promotional literature that you use. (Value: $150)

Why give away these valuable bonuses? Very simple. Everyone who purchases my system has an incredibly high average value to me. I'm willing to actually lose money on this deal (if you include the cost of my time) to get you into my "funnel." Purchase my system today and keep all of the bonuses even if you decide to exercise your guarantee later. What could be more fair

Let's Recap:
  • You get a complete system for consulting success.. The information you'll get is a live recording of one of my one day seminars. This information packed manual for success is all meat and no fluff. You get a tried and true consulting marketing system for a mere $97
  • You get over $975 in valuable profit building bonuses
  • It all comes with a lifetime money-back guarantee
  • And when you put it to work it can make you tens of thousands of dollars in additional revenue

I haven't padded this system(as many people who sell things do) with a lot of superflous B.S. There aren't any long-winded war stories that help you with nothing, but pump up the speaker.
It's all GOOD STUFF.

The fee of $97 is almost laughable for the volume of information you'll be receiving.

I don't know what else to tell you except . . .

Click here to ORDER NOW!

With Best Wishes For Your Consulting Success,



Fred Gleeck

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