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Learn from Fred Gleeck, Paul Hartunian, and other top experts

-with tapes from this 3-day information-packed seminar that starts where most others leave off!

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Marketing information products is one of the fastest-growing income opportunities today. Are you taking advantage of it? If you’re interested in learning how to earn real income, and hearing about methods of creating and marketing ebook, books, CDs and other information products that really sell, you won’t want to miss this information.

This seminar was literally “the event of the year” for information marketing.

It contains vital information that you need to know if you are:

A speaker who wants to start earning more income than ever before

A trainer or consultant interested in learning how to earn the thousands more that can come from marketing your information in a tape, CD, video, or book

A business owner who would like to take advantage of one of the fastest-growing money-making trends today

A writer/author who knows that you could be earning more-if you only knew how

A new (or experienced) marketing entrepreneur who wants to learn the right way to create, market, and sell informational products from established, respected industry pros.

If you are truly interested in learning proven techniques for marketing your information and packaging them as products that sell, then you will want to read the information below. You’ll learn about a ground-breaking event that delivers real help, real information, and solid advice.

Fred Gleeck is considered one of the nation’s top experts in information marketing today, and has a proven track record that few can match. He has authored over 11 books on this subject, and has successfully marketed and sold information products for over 20 years.  He has personally sold over $3 million worth of his own information products, and has conducted over 1,350 one-day seminars since 1983

In addition, he has consulted with and coached over 17,000 people and assisted them with successfully marketing their own information products.

”Fred Gleeck is phenomenal…and right on track with his expert advice. He packs his seminars with plenty of practical, useful and effective tips based on his first-hand experience.

Several years ago I took his consultants seminar. I followed his advice, and am now an accomplished best-selling author and consulting expert for network TV. When Fred speaks, entrepreneurs and business executives everywhere should listen. He is simply a marketing genius.”

-Dr. Grace Cornish, Author/Therapist, New York, NY

September 23,2003

From the desk of: Fred Gleeck

 Dear fellow professional,

 Have you ever felt frustrated, because you knew you had great information that others could use-but didn’t know how to package it or market it? Or you’ve tried marketing it, but weren’t seeing the results you had hoped for? This is all too common a scenario, and it really comes down to one thing:

 You didn’t have the right tools, information, or help to successfully create, package, and market your information. It’s a problem that many people like you face. You have the idea, you have the motivation, but you don’t have the insider tools to really start succeeding.

 This is why I’ve created my three-day seminar: I designed it for people like you, who have a great idea (or would like to learn where to find them)-and who need help with learning the “how to”. This three-day event provides real information, and during it you will learn the “nuts and bolts” of how to successfully market information products.

 I’ve put it all on tape for you, to provide a resource that you can refer to again and again.

 These tapes are filled with solid advice and information, from marketing professionals who share with you how they reached the top themselves. No fluff, no hype, and no “one day gurus” are allowed at my seminars, because this event is one of the most helpful, looked forward to seminars of the year, that goes beyond the basics that most offer.

 You’ll hear people ask real questions-the type that you face-as they picked the brains of some of the top people in the industry today at this exciting event. And it’s all here on tape.

 Here’s information that can help your business take off-and help you start earning real money, including:

●How to double and triple your sales-by learning insider secrets for marketing information products that you won’t find in “online reports” or ebooks…

● Expert marketing tips that will save you time and money-that could take you years to learn on your own

●Getting the right start-and how to avoid the five most common mistakes beginners make that could cost you thousands!

●Methods to give your business a jumpstart-and watch the sales take off

●A system for quickly and easily creating CDs, ebooks, audios, videos or DVDs that will generate real income for you

●How to choose the right market niche-and start seeing the cash come in (even while you sleep!) 

I’m not new at this. I’ve been teaching professionals and entrepreneurs at seminars for years, and would like to share with you a few comments from a recent one:

“The bootcamp was by far the best workshop I have ever attended. I felt that I had received my money’s worth after your presentation in the morning. The light bulbs were going off in my head all over the place!

They kept going off during every presentation. I came away witha knowledge base that is 1000% greater than what I went in with. I feel I have all the tools now to get my business to the level I want it to be. Your bootcamp has saved me at least three to five years of time. I would recommend this bootcamp to anyone who wants to succeed in the information marketing business!”

-Carol Amato, Stargazer Publishing Company

You’ll hear the seminars, the workshops, the questions and answers from our panel of experts-ones that could give your own business the start or help you’ve been looking for.

 On these tapes, I’ve captured the expert advice, opinions, and “off the cuff” answers from industry professionals who are national names in marketing, as well as a few “mystery speakers” who really know what they’re doing. They all share, in detail, with you from their YEARS of experience and success. 

What will I learn? I’d like a preview…

 If you’re like me, you like to know a little about what you’re getting when you’re planning to go to an event-or ordering a tape series. I like to take “sneak previews” myself, so I’m providing you with one here.

 You won’t want to miss a word, I promise you. The speakers I schedule are tops in their fields, and they share with you the truth about information marketing, no holds barred. You’ll hear things that may surprise, or even shock you, but I guarantee it will be informative as they share from their “in the trenches” experience.

 In this information-packed three days, you’ll learn:

 Why Sell Information Products? You’ll learn why it makes sense to get in on the hottest marketing trend today, and which ones perform best in sales.

 ●How to select your perfect niche: you’ll be given a tool that allows you to analyze the niche that’s best for you, and decide which ones are worth your time-and which ones aren’t. Find out why niche marketing is outrageously successful-for those who know how.

How to create an information product: Learn the three biggest mistakes people make, and how to find the perfect funnel system and pricing. You’ll learn which products will work best for you, and how to integrate several together for extra money! You’ll learn how to professionally record and edit, the equipment to use, where to buy it, and professional resources to help. You’ll hear why CD-ROMs are growing, and how to create your own-and get in on this hot market trend.

Speaking at events: the untapped resource. Whether you are a professional speaker or not, you’ll learn how to network, earn money and give your career a huge boost by speaking professionally. You’ll hear how almost anyone can hold their own seminars and bootcamps-and watch the profits come in! This is a must-hear for anyone with professional expertise.

You’ll learn how to hold your own teleseminars, produce your own home-study courses, and use coaching and consulting to make your profits grow and establish your expertise. These seminars don’t leave anything out, as our speakers share in detail what works-and how to enter this highly profitable area yourself.

ebooks, reports, and books: our industry experts will teach you the ins and outs of successfully writing and marketing your books and reports-and even share how to find writers to help you if you don’t know how! Innate writing ability is NOT required: an open mind to earning large amount is and willingness to learn from industry pros is. You’ll learn how to justify higher prices, and how to create an outstanding product that sells.

Coaching and consulting: earn from your expertise. Our speakers, who are highly successful in these fields themselves, will teach you each aspect of creating your own coaching and consulting business. You’ll learn the nuts and bolts, from pricing to the one element you must have to successfully sell your services and products. By the end of the bootcamp, you’ll have a step-by-step blueprint for starting your own highly profitable consulting business.  

I captured over 72 hours of information on tape from our leading panel of experts, including these featured speakers:

Paul Hartunian

Paul Hartunian is known as “the man who sold the Brooklyn Bridge” and is well-known for teaching people how to get and effectively use free publicity for their businesses.

 Both he and his publicity students have been featured on over 1,000 T.V. and radio talk shows, both local and national.

Paul shares his secrets for generating effective publicity, and using it to make sales, generate leads, and increase your business recognition


Phil Huff, “the Marketing Webmaster

Phil Huff has been marketing online since 1996, and has been named one of the “21 Top Gun Internet Marketers” today. He is a “techie” who also happens to be an online marketing genius, and in his seminars he shares insider tips on how to maximize your profits online- and watch the income grow.



Peter Schaible

Peter Schaible is the force behind, considered by many to be THE information site for online membership sites, one of the hottest money-making trends online today. Schaible shares in his talk how to create and run a highly successful subscription site. You’ll hear his innovative, solid strategies for promotion and site management that have earned him the nickname “the web site subscription guru.”

You’ll learn from these exciting speakers, as well as me, and I included two “mystery speakers” who blew conferees away with the solid, helpful advice they shared on these highly informative tapes. Imagine being able to go to some of the top, solid, true successes today, and have the opportunity to discover their hard-earned secrets…their tips and strategies…and ask them question after question. That’s exactly what you’ll hear, because we’ve recorded it all for you.

Learn from established experts about:

How to create a niche market video-and watch your income skyrocket

New ebay marketing techniques that really work-and that most people don’t know!

Taking care of the back-end: everything you need to know about creating a web site, database, ordering and tracking systems that will literally run themselves-and allow you to earn while you sleep.

Making sure the “price is right” for your product to maximize sales and income!

How to find leads at little or no charge-including little-known techniques that work better than traditional advertising.

The ins and outs of running a successful affiliate network: learn when to license, and secrets for finding and subscribing a flood of quality affiliate

How to create a product catalog that will increase sales-and keep selling for you!

Protecting yourself: how to reduce intellectual property theft and keep others from profiting from YOUR ideas.

How to reduce product returns-and maximize sales.

Five techniques that most people never think of for marketing their information products-but work outrageously well!

-and much, much more. These are just a few of the exciting topics that are covered in our seminar, and are now available on the tapes for the first time.

These Bootcamps Regularly Get Sold Out! But if you couldn’t make it, you can still receive the information…

This is because they offer more than others do…networking opportunities with those who are real successes in their fields…more workshops put on by top industry people with a proven track record. These are people who are living the dream that many of us yearn for, and who will show you how in their highly informative classes.

I present myself throughout this exciting event as well. You’ll learn directly from me the steps and techniques that helped me sell over $10 million in information products, and the methods that keep selling day after day.

Think about your own dream…what do you wish you could earn? What could you do with the extra $1500…$1700…or even $5000 a month that can be earned from marketing information products? It really is possible to achieve it, with hard work and the right tools.

You bring your dream, and I and the experts will give you those tools. The rest is up to you, but I guarantee that this is the most information-packed, helpful bootcamps around - bar none! Each of the speakers will provide you with detailed, step-by-step information about how to create your own highly successful information marketing business, from the ground up. No fluff, no B.S., just highly relevant information that you can start using right away.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll get the right start-and avoid some of the mistakes that most people make.

If you’re a seasoned marketer, you’ll learn information that you’ve needed all along; a “no holding back” as our presenters answer your questions, and help you with specific problems you face.

You’ll get real answers to your questions at this seminar, from people who normally charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars an hour to consult.

Marketing online takes special skills…and our experts share with you how it’s done.

Online sales are growing, and increasing numbers of people want to enter into this exciting arena. In our seminars, you’ll learn the right way to get started, and to start your own income-producing web site online.

You’ll learn:

-How to create a web site that SELLS, not fails

-Secrets of driving a flood of traffic to your site (ones that don’t get passed around in ebooks)

-the ins and outs of online (and offline) advertising

-Web master tips and tricks that will help your site stand out from the competition

-What you must have for eCommerce-and common mistakes most beginners make (but you won’t after hearing this talk!)

These are just a few of the topics covered in our seminars that will teach you how to succeed online-and earn the income you’ve always wanted to.

People come to these seminars, and get blown away by how much information they learn-and how practical it is.

"Fred's seminar is full of immediately useful money making information. This is the real deal!"
---Ken Greco, Spotsylvania, VA

"Like most consultants and speakers, I have attended my fair share of seminars on how to make it in the business. Of all the time and money I've spent (and it's a lot), not one seminar comes close in value to yours. You offer, by far, the most straightforward, no-nonsense information available: what to do, how to do it, when to do it, where to do it, who to call and what to expect. You don't mince words, you don't waste time and you don't hold anything back. Maybe it's my lawyerly instincts, but I appreciate that.

After attending one of your seminars several years ago, I created a "Gleeck File" which contains the notes from the seminar and the excellent written materials you provided. In all honesty, I refer to that file more frequently than any other. The Gleeck File alone contains everything a speaker needs to know how to get started and create a continuing stream of income from speaking and product sales. For me, it has been a life saver."
--- Lane Bowes, Speaker/Consultant, New York, NY

Enjoy the information…

Hear our speakers…

And get ready to watch your business take off with this amazing tape series

At this point, you’re probably wondering how much this tape series costs. After all, you’ll be hearing from top professionals, as they teach, share, and advise you on exactly what it takes to become a big earner.

Remember, this comprehensive tape series includes everything we covered during what many consider the information products industry’s top event of the year. The only thing missing is your name card!  It’s all packaged for easy reference, and you’ll want to hear our speakers again and again as they teach you:

How to earn the income you’ve always dreamed about by marketing information products

How to avoid or correct the mistakes most people make (our speakers make their livings consulting with others on just that!)

Insider shortcuts to success-you’ll save yourself time, money, and effort as you learn from others who have been there, done it - and succeeded.


My personal guarantee makes it completely risk-free when you order this tape series.

A lot of people out there are marketing stuff that is basically worthless, and don’t stand behind their products. I don’t work that way. Your satisfaction is important to me, and people who know me well know one thing: I’m a stickler for OVERDELIVERING to my clients. Anything less, and I’m not satisfied.

When you order your tapes of my 3-day bootcamp, I offer you a 100% iron-clad money back guarantee. If these tapes don’t deliver you outstanding information that you can use right away, if for any reason, you aren’t absolutely, completely thrilled with the advice, counsel, and expert marketing advice that you hear on this tape series, just contact me within 90 days and I’ll completely refund 100% of your purchase price.

This is how sure I am that this is valuable information that people need to get the right start or boost to their business-and how strongly I stand behind it.

If you’re ready to see your income finally start taking off, and to start earning real money, then you’ll want to hear every bit of information on these tapes.

They are available now, for less than a fourth of the price of attending the bootcamp. You will receive your full set of tapes for the low price of only $497.00

Click here to order your tape series-and start changing your income and your business potential.

A Special Bonus-our informal “meet the speakers” event…

We even taped our “behind the scenes” visit with our top speakers, where attendees who came early were able to chat with our experts, get to know them, and share questions and insights in a relaxed atmosphere. And you’ll get to hear what they said.

Why wait to learn from the best in the industry today-and find out the real truth about successfully marketing your information products? In these “let’s let our hair down, and really talk about what goes on behind the scenes” seminars where attendees ask question after question about the REAL problems you face-and you get to hear real, solid answers?

I think there’s nothing like it out there to compare. I’ll be glad to answer any questions you have about it by email, by fax (702-617-4278), or you can call me directly at 702-617-4206. You’ll get a real person (who very frequently, is me!) and I’ll share with you from my own personal experience with these seminars-and from using the information they contain.

Order your own tape series-and get some of the best possible advice available today on succeeding in information marketing. You’ll be glad you did!

Here’s to your success, and finally realizing the income you’ve always wanted to,

Fred Gleeck

P.S. I know that sometimes it’s easy to put off making a decision. But each day that goes by without this information is a day that you could be transforming your business methods…a day that you could be using the marketing tips that these top marketing and PR experts share. Why wait to start using proven techniques, or to hear outstanding advice from real industry pros?

P.P.S. Remember, you’re getting top advice from four of the best-known names in online and offline marketing today when you order this exciting tape series. We captured everything they said on high-quality tape-information that you can listen to again and again, and put into practice today! Most people start earning back the cost of the tapes with 90 days by using the advice they contain.

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