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Amazing Opportunity for You To Snap Up These Brand New 'RED-HOT' Resell Rights And Keep 100% of The Money! (Get Started Immediately)

Dear Internet friend,

Imagine having your own proven product that sells like crazy (for hundreds of dollars) to the never ending parade of small business owners and opportunity seekers online… and one where you get to keep all the profits for yourself!

Think how amazing it would feel to wake up in the morning and check your email to find orders waiting for you from all over the world. While you were sleeping people were buying your products online and you never had to talk to a soul. And it all just kept working automatically like clockwork.


That's exactly the kind of life I lead and it's the same one you may be able too if you read on…

The truth is, there is absolutely no reason why you or anybody else couldn't get started selling information products to create the life you've desired and only dreamt about. Sometimes when I speak to my best friend, John, and hear how hard he works at his law firm, I do feel twinges of guilt of how easily the money rolls in (and continues to come in) from my business.

No wonder many people (including me) believe information publishing and marketing is the ultimate business. There aren't many businesses where can have all these advantages:

Gigantic profit margins. People aren't paying for paper and ink they are paying you for the value of the information. Duplication and reproduction costs are a tiny fraction of the selling price.

You can work from anywhere you wish.

No need for employees. I have absolutely zero employees (it's just my wife and I running the whole show) and I couldn't be happier not to deal with all those headaches and hassles. Anytime we need something done - we simply out source it.

No expensive equipment necessary.

Extremely low start up costs. You don't need a factory or even a store front because you can run your business in any spare space a computer fits. Plus, you don't have to keep an inventory of anything because as orders come in you duplicate the material up and ship it out. Easy.

Start part-time. You don't need to devote 40 hours a week to selling information products and you can start slow before deciding if you want to quit your day job.

3 Ways You Can Get Started Selling
These Lucrative Information Products:

Way #1: Make it yourself - Creating an information product that sells can become a difficult and daunting task. Producing a quality product that people WANT to buy is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work and lots of time to write and put it all together. Not to mention, developing the sales letter and marketing material that will persuade people to part with their money (especially when you're talking in the hundreds of dollars range) is a skill that may take years to master.

Way #2: Sell other people's products as an affiliate - Think about affiliate programs. The owner of the affiliate programs pays you 25%, 30% or even 50% to help market their products. And what happens if the affiliate program folds or the company decides to turn it off? Game over because you're toast! (Trust me, it's happened already to some very high profile companies.)

Way #3: License it! One of the best ways to gain control of a product is through licensing. You instantly get a proven product at very little cost compared to doing it yourself. Plus, you get ready-made-for-you marketing material to sell the product. You get the masters to simply duplicate and reproduce as you get orders so you keep 100% of the money (less duplication). The profits are yours to keep and you never have to pay out royalties.

Simply put, unless you own your own information product you don't have control of it and if you don't control it - you don't get to keep 100% of the profits. Makes sense, right?

Well now you can get into the act because I'm going to hand you over the biggest shortcut ever to selling your own high-priced, in-demand information product…

Put Yourself in the Information Marketing Business with Resell Rights to Yanik Silver's Latest Internet Marketing Course

If you're one of the next 50 to jump on this, you'll be instantly set up with an information marketing business selling a new high-end (and super high profit) home study course called the "6-Week Advanced Instant Internet Profits Home Study Course". It's the home study version of our Advanced Instant Internet Profits E-class that sold out five different sessions at $1,500.00 per person.

This home study package sells for $697 (which is less than 50% of what "eclass" students paid so it's still a tremendous bargain and value for your customer). And the best part is you get to keep all the money without paying me a cent in royalties. That means you can sell 10, 20, 50, 100 or more copies and still not owe me a dime. (Of course, I cannot, nor could anybody, guarantee you'll sell even one) Your profits are yours to keep once you purchase the reprint rights.

And at $697 a pop it doesn't take too many of these sales to really add up to some serious cash - which is…

The Real Little-Known Secret to Getting
Rich With Information Products

Fact is, to make really big money you need to sell high ticket items. Most people are banging their heads against the wall trying to sell $19 or $29 ebooks. Sadly, they don't realize the mind blowing profit potential of high ticket products or how many people are willing to buy them.

To prove the difference - let's put a pencil to some numbers:

How many $19 ebooks would you have to sell to make $150,000 this year?

At this rate, you'd need to sell 7,894 copies to make that kind of dough (Now, this isn't even counting advertising, marketing or administrative expenses so in reality your total number would have to be even more.)

Now on the other hand, you only need to sell 216 copies of this $697 packages to bring in $150,000. And I can tell you from direct experience it's a lot easier dealing with 200 customers than it is with thousands and thousands. Plus, these 200 customers are better prospects for additional higher profit products you could offer later.

End of story. Case closed.

You see, when you have the economics on your side it's easy, surprisingly easy, to make some serious money.

Now, perhaps you're wondering why I would be willing to offer reprint rights to such a product. Good question, actually there are…

4 Reasons Why I Am Offering This Reprint Rights Package

Reason #1: The truth is I could use a cash infusion to help fund an upcoming project. This "secret" project is one of the most intense and ambitious projects I've ever attempted. The programming bill alone has already run into the thousands and thousands of dollars and we're not even close to being finished. Plus, since this project is going to appeal to a mainstream audience our promotion budget needs to be quite large to make an impact and I'd like to prepare now with reserve funds. So in effect, you've caught me in a "weak" moment.

Reason #2: Frankly, I don't have the time with all my different projects going on to market this new "6-Week Advanced Instant Internet Profits Home Study Course" the right way. It would be a shame for it not to get into the hands of people who need it the most. I haven't even begun offering to my own existing customers so you're even getting a "first-mover" advantage over me.

As of this point, I've only marketed this material as an "e-class" for $1,500-a-head and the demand at that price point even surprised me. So at 50 cents on the dollar - it can't help but do incredibly well, once released.

Reason #3: I cannot possibly reach all the people myself. The chance for you to make serious money with this reprint rights license is incredible because what I've done promoting this is just a drop in the ocean.

I haven't even advertised it heavily online or direct mailed for it. Plus, if you stop and consider all the new business owners and opportunity seekers getting online every single day looking for some way to make money - you'll be positively bowled over with the opportunity you have here.

Reason #4: This might sound a little corny but I really do want to provide a real opportunity for regular people to make big money. Why? It's simple really. When you stop to think about it - it's not as crazy or silly as it initially sounds. Because if you purchase this reprint rights license from me and end up making a great return on your investment - wouldn't you buy another rights package from me in the future? What's more, wouldn't you give me a tremendous testimonial I could use in my future advertising? I sure hope so and that's exactly what I'm banking on.

Now before we go any further let me tell you about a few restrictions to this license…

Important Limitations

In order to protect the integrity of the product for each licensee there are certain guidelines and restrictions you must abide by.

1) You cannot sell the product as a digital download. You must keep it intact as a physical manual, audios and videos. You may not break up the package into parts. 2) You cannot sell the product on Ebay or any other auction site. 3) You may not transfer resell rights to any one else. 4) You cannot include the package in any membership site or as a bonus for the purchase of any product. It must sold as a stand-alone product (however, you may add additional bonuses if you prefer.) 5) You cannot claim yourself as the author or the copyright holder and you cannot imply you are a partner of "Yanik Silver" on the sales material.

I think you'll agree these limitations serve everyone. Plus, since only you and 49 others will have resell rights there is really no need to undercut price or do anything else that will take away from this valuable product.

Actually, there's really no need to worry about competition at all because most people getting this license will simply market this to their own existing customers as an additional "back-end" product (like I do when I acquire licenses). Stated a little differently, since most people won't go out and market this aggressively as a front-end product you're left (if you choose to) with the field pretty much wide open for you. What's more, the fact that I'm limiting this license to the next 50 people greatly reduces the likelihood of "bumping into" another licensee even further.

Okay, with that out of the way…

Here's Exactly What You Get
With This Reprint Rights Package:
  • Reprint rights and use of my proven sales letter selling the "6-Week Advanced Instant Internet Profits Home Study Course". Currently, I charge $7,500.00 plus 4% of royalties to do a sales letter. And I have clients begging me to do copy for their project every week but I'm so busy I don't take on very many clients. The letter comes on diskette so you can easily modify it with your name and ordering information.

  • Complete turn-key marketing materials including email promotions and ads.

  • Reprint rights and use of testimonials used with the sales piece. You won't have to start from scratch gathering testimonials because I've already done the hard work of gathering "proof" and credibility for you.

  • Rights to use the professional web site and design selling the course. Web site design and graphics alone could run you hundreds and hundreds of dollars. This also comes complete on diskette so you or your webmaster can easily make minor changes.

  • Unlimited reprint and duplication rights to the complete "6-Week Advanced Instant Internet Profits Home Study Course". This is a manual complete with 6-week action steps, 6 Cd-set album, transcriptions, 2 Video tapes, and bonus material. This will come complete with a certificate proving you are an official reprint rights holder.

  • Idea evaluation and web site critiques fulfilled directly by myself (you don't have to worry about it). Each of these is a real $500.00 value and you get to pass these certificates along to your customer as a tremendous bonus with the package.

  • One hard copy of the entire course for your own personal use to learn and study.

  • Complete masters of the printed, audio and video material so you can duplicate it at your local print shop and AV source. Or I'll have order fulfillment completely handled for you if you prefer.

    If you'd like to make this totally hands-off, I've even arranged for my fulfillment company to send out the entire package for you to your customer. The box will come under your own mailing label so the customer will think it came directly from your office. This option is just 25% of the sales price so it costs you $174.25 with shipping included to US customers and a little extra for International customers. With this option you still pull down a solid $522.75 for each order.

  • Operation manual and "quick start" checklist where you'll find out my recommended list of suppliers and service provides, including a guaranteed pre-approved merchant account (if you need one).

There you have it - a complete "business-in-a-box" handed to you on a silver platter ready for you to cash in on the booming opportunity to provide "how-to" information. Plus, since you get to "team up" and ride my coattails -- you can't help but succeed.

It's Nearly Impossible Not to "Trip Into" Profits

Look, if you're already marketing or selling information products online, you shouldn't even give this another thought. You can't help but make money with your own list, customers and opt-ins. Case in point: I recently licensed reprint rights to a Dan Kennedy product and I made back my investment in 24 hours plus an additional $854.00 in profit! That was just day one. Within just 2 weeks I pulled in over $8,600.00 in orders and counting!

Now, I'm not saying that you'll do as well - but the point is, this is almost a no-brainer way to add an additional income stream to your already running business.

Or, if you haven't started with your online information marketing business yet this is the biggest shortcut to getting up and running. This is your chance to start working with a proven "brand name" product and "ready-to-go" marketing materials with the potential to make gigantic profits in no time flat.

Here's The Bottom Line...

I've seen licenses of this type go for $5,000.00 and up. Heck, even at that fee it would be a tremendous value because it would simply take you 8 packages to recoup your money. However, a $5,000 price tag would put this opportunity beyond the reach of many people who could benefit from owning their own product. So I've decided to set this up so it takes you less than a handful of sales to make back your money.

Today, you can have these non-exclusive reprint rights to the "6-Week Advanced Instant Internet Profits Home Study Course" package for the one-time charge of only $1,995. Or 3 easy payments of $665 each month, spread three months apart.

What this all boils down to is you'll only need to sell 3 packages to be in the chips!

But, it gets even better when we do a few quick calculations. Take a look:

  • Just 20 sales puts $13,940.00 in your pocket.
  • 50 sales brings your total to $34,85.00…
  • And 100 sales adds up to $69,700.00

No, this is not fiction and not at all far fetched. That's less than 2 sales a week to put $69,700.00 in your bank account (less fulfillment and duplication costs). Just one good joint venture or promotion strategy could easily do this for you. (But once again I have to stress you may not even sell one unit because I cannot possibly guarantee what you'll do with the opportunity when you get it.)

As you can see it would take almost a genuine effort not to make a profit from this incredible opportunity. But you don't have to take my word for it - listen to what past licensees have to say…

Important Note: I've never made reprint rights available before to higher-end products so these are results from people selling our $17 and $19 products. Now just imagine if they had been selling a $697 product like the one you're getting the chance to own right now:

"…I really can't believe how easily and fast this ebook sold when I first started marketing it. Plus the sales continue to come in today. I have sold over 190 copies of this ebook and that is just counting front end sales…"
- Kris Stringham, EzineHits.com

"I can't believe how easy it was to sell…I sold over 150 copies of it in a few days, to a fairly weak and small list which I have only recently began to build. Amazing..."
- Scott Covert, BannerAdMagic.com

Like I just mentioned, up until now this is the first time I've ever made the rights available to one of my "big-dollar" products. In a way this is a bit of an "experiment" for me and I really don't know if I'll ever do it again so if you're at all serious you need to act right now -- especially because there are…

Only 50 Reprint Rights Currently Available

Once these 50 licensees are spoken for all bets are off and I will pull this offer immediately.

There's no doubt this opportunity won't last long because I have a "core" group of rabid customers who've purchased resell rights previously and immediately snap them up whenever I introduce a new package. What's more, over 61,213 of my subscribers are also getting this announcement so if you stop to "think about it" there's a very good chance the offer won't be around anymore. However, you can still rest assured of making the right choice since I'll be giving you a…

27-Day Free Inspection Guarantee

Previously, my other reprint rights packages came without any kind of guarantee. In this case, since it is a significant investment I want you to take a full 27 days to preview and inspect everything in the package. Take a look at the product, the operation manual, quick start checklist plus all the marketing material to see if this right for you. And if for any reason (or no reason) you decide this isn't what you want -- just ship everything back to us within 27 days for a no-hassle, 100% refund. No fine print and no weasel clauses.

Now to be absolutely frank, this marketing license is not some kind of "silver bullet" or guaranteed ticket to riches. Far from it. It still comes down to what you make of it and the actions you take.

Just like in football, you can't score a touchdown from the sidelines. You've got to get out on the field and make it happen. But you're not alone because I can help you and "coach" you to victory. With everything you're getting here I can confidently tell you I've done 98% of the hard work for you. Now it's up to you to take the ball and run with it the last 2 yards for a score.

Don't you think you owe it to yourself to take advantage of this incredible opportunity and get started selling your own high-priced (and high profit) information product?

By Purchasing you agree to these license terms

Just click here to pay in one installment of $1,995

Click here to pay in 3 EASY installments of $665, spread 30 days apart

* * Extra Bonus for Full Payment * *

Now if cash is not a problem for you, I certainly prefer not to be a banker. In this case if you pay for the reprint license in full you'll be invited to a special private 90-minute tele-seminar. During this call, we'll discuss the most profitable and powerful ways to promote and market your new license (including the secrets of joint ventures). Plus, we'll touch on critical issues like fulfillment and business operations. Then at the end we'll leave time for your individual questions to be answered. You'll be notified about the time and date for this call once it is scheduled.

For your own good, before I hit my irrevocable licensee limit, I urge you to take action now because there's no telling how long this special offer will be available. Click on the links to be taken to our safe and secure online processing or, if you prefer, you can call our office at 301-770-0423 to get started.

All the best,

Yanik Silver

P.S. As you might have noticed there is no "pile up" of free bonuses with this offer. The way I look at it is, if you can't see the value of this proposition and the incredible moneymaking potential it could have for you - then it would be better if you took a pass and let someone else have this license opportunity.

P.P.S. Special update: Results just in from a few of the first people to start marketing this program. They've recouped their investment in just weeks:

"From Monday when I started selling your course I have sold 9 copies @ the 3 installment $239 deal. 2 copies @ $697 So $3545 in up front income and another $4302 in rebills to come...I've worked this out to something like a $18 visitor value!!"
- Andrew Fox, Bangor Cork, Ireland

"Within days of receiving your complete turnkey package, I had your letter mailed out. A few days later, we started receiving orders - and they're still coming in! Your course is a hot-seller, Yanik, and if things continue like this, I predict we'll sell $250,000 worth of your course in the next 9 to 12 months."
- Jeff Gardner, Wealthworld.com

Just click here to pay in one installment of $1,995

Or click here to pay in 3 easy installments of $665, spread 30 days apart

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