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If you have a product you wish to sell Resale, Reprint, or Master Reprint Rights to then you have come to the right place., is in the business of helping you find buyers for the products you wish to sell rights to. 

How it works: is in a very targeted niche business of selling reprint rights. We spend all of our time finding buyers for the products you wish to sell rights to. 

We have a very large inventory of reprint rights, giving our visitors one of the largest and most up to date selections of reprint rights available on the internet today! 

You will benefit greatly by increased sales from the large amount of buyers we can put your product in front of. Since we are always adding new products to our inventory, you can be assured that your offers for reprint rights will be seen again and again by our return visitors and through our highly targeted e-zine mailings.


At Reprints, we are very serious about our buyers and sellers both being happy with a mutually beneficial transaction.

We are very serious about selling only the highest quality reprint licenses. You will see many reprint rights available on the internet today that are either very outdated products with content that just does not work in today's "smart market", or products that are just lacking in quality and content thus, leaving retail buyers disappointed and often seeking refunds from resellers.

Both of the above mentioned problems leave retail buyers with the wrong impression of the information products market place. This leaves resellers with not only a bunch of junk that is hard to sell, but but also puts their reputation at risk for selling shoddy material, which will not create many backend sales, and we all know that's where the money is.

Reprints for you requires all product that are sold on our site, first be submitted via our web form below. Once we have given your initial description our pre-approval we will then invite you to submit a review copy of your product to us.  We listen to or read every audio or written product we offer and thoroughly test any software products we accept before they can be sold on our site.

Once approved you will be notified that your product is now live. 


You set the price, and take all credit card payments from the buyers we sell your product to.  We will notify you by email, fax, or phone when you have received an order for your product. We will pass the buyers name, shipping information, and payment information to you and you will process the buyers payment. We will in turn bill you for our fee, based on our fee schedule for any commissions due on a product by product basis.


You may choose to handle your own fulfillment however we also offer fulfillment services for you. Rates are available upon request after we have seen a copy of your product.

Fees: charges a base percentage of your products sale price depending on the type of rights being offered, and the total price of the rights. See our fees schedual here.

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Fill out the web form below and get your product pre-approval started today! Once pre-approved we will give you information on how to submit a review copy of your product to, and once reviewed by our staff you will be notified that your product is ready to go live.

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